For over 30 years, Phil’s Animals has specialized in providing professionally trained and healthy animals to the entertainment industry. Our ranch is home to the largest selection of trained animals that are ready to work in feature films, television, commercials, and video production. Phil’s Animals also have one of the most coveted collections of historical and replica horse drawn wagons, carriages, and authentic and vintage props that are available for immediate rental.  

Our animals are trained to ensure the safety of crew and talent while on set. We train “actions to order” which means that our our highly skilled trainers can train an animal to do just about anything! We practice humane training and take care to ensure that our animals are healthy, happy and capable of doing what is needed on set.

Our unique and exotic animals live on our 40 acre ranch just minutes north of Los Angeles...and our cows and buffalo roam on 300 acres of pasture with a lake views. Not a bad life for a famous animal. 

We invite you to call or email us to discuss what we can do for you.  


Phil's Animal Rentals 

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