Phil's Animal Rentals

Phil’s Animal Rentals has been providing trained animal rentals to Hollywood and beyond for over 30 years.
We have an enormous selection of studio rentals – horses, wagons, carriages, dogs, pigs, cattle, exotic animals and more for movies, television, commercials, print & events.  We are located on a beautiful 30 acre ranch in Piru, CA.


Our animals are trained to ensure the safety of crew and talent while on set. We train “actions to order” which means that our highly skilled trainers can train an animal to do just about anything! We practice humane training and take care to ensure that our animals are healthy, happy and capable of doing what is needed on set.  

From the oldest-looking carts to the fanciest carriages, and even modern farm equipment, we have the industry’s largest selection of working wagons, carriages, carts, sleighs, chariots & almost any type of vehicles historically pulled by livestock.

Our trainers and wranglers are also skilled drivers who you can trust to keep your set safe.  Our animals are capable of pulling all vehicle seen on this site.  Perfect for scenes and events that require moving vehicles & historical accuracy! 

Dress our animals in Western, English, calvary & medieval tack, blankets, hardware, packing equipment, racing silks & more to make your production scene or special event come to life!  

Our historic and vintage tack, equipment and props can help recreate the Old West, a turn-of-the-century town, a Victorian era estate, a fantastical Medieval world, an ancient civilization or anything else you can imagine!

From background to leads, our animals, vehicles and props have appeared in and enhanced countless movies, television shows, commercials and photographs.   

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